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Meaning of word crystal from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

crystal   noun

Meaning : A solid formed by the solidification of a chemical and having a highly regular atomic structure.

Meaning : A crystalline element used as a component in various electronic devices.

Meaning : A rock formed by the solidification of a substance. Has regularly repeating internal structure. External plane faces.

Synonyms : crystallization

Meaning : Colorless glass made of almost pure silica.

Synonyms : lechatelierite, quartz, quartz glass, vitreous silica

एक प्रकार का पारदर्शक सफेद पत्थर।

मेरे पिताजी को एक पंडे ने स्फटिक दिया था।
अमररत्न, अमलमणि, अमलरत्न, तनसल, धौतशिला, निर्पलोपम, फटिक, बिल्लूर, बिल्लौर, शालिपिष्ट, श्वेतरत्न, स्फटिक, स्फाटक, स्फाटिक

ஒருவிதமான வெண்மை நிறமுடைய தீயவற்றைப் போக்கும் கல்

என்னுடைய அப்பாவிற்கு ஒரு பூசாரி படிகக்கல் கொடுத்தார்

Meaning : Glassware made of quartz.

Meaning : A protective cover that protects the face of a watch.

Synonyms : watch crystal, watch glass